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Like any­thing in life, hen­keep­ing has its ups and downs! The most chal­leng­ing prob­lem is of­ten deal­ing with pests and preda­tors. Where pests are con­cerned, red mites usu­ally come at the top of the list. At best, these per­ni­cious and re­source­ful lit­tle crit­ters can be an in­fer­nal nui­sance. At worst, they can be the stuff of night­mares. They mul­ti­ply at an alarm­ing rate and are quite dif­fi­cult to erad­i­cate. You can even end up trans­port­ing them into your home!

In this is­sue of Your Chick­ens we take an in-depth look at the prob­lem. Firstly, we give an over­view of the threat. Grant Br­ere­ton then ex­plains how even sea­soned poul­try keep­ers can get caught out. Our poul­try vet, Vic­to­ria Roberts, dis­penses with some of the many myths about red mites. Fi­nally, we can­vass the ad­vice of Om­let, mak­ers of iconic plas­tic hen houses.

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