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QDur­ing a re­cent visit to a chil­dren’s farm, we saw chick­ens in the same run as rab­bits and guinea pigs. As we have both pet rab­bits and pet chick­ens, we thought we’d try run­ning them to­gether in a pen on the lawn. Un­for­tu­nately, the chick­ens took an in­stant dis­like to the two rab­bits and started peck­ing at them so we re­moved them quickly. How come all at the chil­dren’s farm co-habited nicely and our pets didn’t?

AJeremy Hob­son says; It’s all a ques­tion of space – and on well-run chil­dren’s farms and ‘pet­ting zoos’ there is usu­ally plenty of space for the rab­bits and guinea pigs to get away and hide if a chicken comes too close or shows too much in­ter­est. Sadly, that’s not the case in most back gar­den runs.

Whilst rab­bits, guinea-pigs and chick­ens will live hap­pily next-door to one an­other, I per­son­ally don’t think they should ever be put to­gether in a small run. De­spite their lovely na­ture to­wards hu­mans (and quite of­ten cats and dogs), chick­ens can be tremen­dous bul­lies and might peck at rab­bits and/or guinea-pigs from ag­gres­sion or, more likely, cu­rios­ity and/ or bore­dom.

Purely out of in­ter­est (and, as seen from the above, I wouldn’t rec­om­mend any­one try­ing it), I have, none­the­less, seen it writ­ten that, some­times, a rab­bit kept in an ap­pro­pri­ate-sized chicken run will help pre­vent chicken bore­dom and cre­ate a di­ver­sion for them as it hops and runs around.

Chick­ens and rab­bits - can it work?

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