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I have had Lucy, my Lak­en­velder, for a num­ber of years now and she is a very good layer and very hardy. Yes she is a lit­tle flighty but she does not go broody and so I would highly rec­om­mend the breed. She lays a good sized white egg. She is an ex­cel­lent for­ager so will not con­sume as much grain as your av­er­age hy­brid.


It is unclear whether the Lak­en­velder orig­i­nated in the Nether­lands or Ger­many. The Dutch claim the Lak­en­velder was named af­ter the vil­lage of Lak­en­velt. Oth­ers think that the name came from Lak­en­vel, mean­ing shadow on a sheet, and still oth­ers that it was named af­ter Lak­en­velder cat­tle which have black and white mark­ings. Lay­ing aside all th­ese pos­si­bil­i­ties, I think the ma­jor­ity be­lieve that the breed orig­i­nated in the West­phalian area of Ger­many. Lak­en­velders are strik­ing with their white-feath­ered long bod­ies con­trast­ing with black neck and tail feath­ers; this colour mark­ing is called belted. They are non-sit­ters and flighty, not lik­ing to be cooped up.

Lucy the Lak­en­velder

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