Read The Ad­ven­tures of Poppy and Ge­orge – Part 67

Poppy and Ge­orge find a strange egg

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“Yuck!” Poppy jumped back from the nest-box in dis­gust. “Have you picked up a poo?” laughed Ge­orge. “No – worse!” said Poppy. “Feel that egg.” Ge­orge care­fully prod­ded the egg. “It’s all soft and squidgy,” he said. “It’s well weird.” “It’s hor­ri­ble,” said Poppy. “There isn’t any shell.” “We’d bet­ter phone Grandpa,” said Ge­orge. “It’s not un­usual at this time of year,” said Grandpa, “es­pe­cially now your chick­ens are a bit older. They’re get­ting ready to moult.” “What’s that got to do with their eggs?” asked Ge­orge. “Moult­ing and grow­ing new feath­ers takes a lot of ef­fort,” said Grandpa. “The chick­ens can’t do ev­ery­thing, and they’ll stop lay­ing soon. Mean­while, you may find more eggs like this. Al­ways take them away, so the chick­ens don’t start eat­ing them.” “The eggshells have been rather thin lately,” said Poppy. “We gave the chick­ens ex­tra oys­ter shell, but they didn’t want it.” “They’ll only eat what they need,” said Grandpa. “Try giv­ing them a sea­weed sup­ple­ment – it helps feath­ers grow.” “Wow!” said Ge­orge. “If I eat sea­weed will I grow feath­ers?” “You’d have to grow wings first!” laughed Grandpa.

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