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Chick­ens have their own lan­guage – and so do chicken peo­ple! Do you ever won­der what a word in Your Chick­ens means? Here’s Hat­tie to the res­cue with her own hencyclopaedia!


You may have seen poul­try grit in the feed store. There are two kinds and the most im­por­tant is called ‘hard’ or ‘flint’ grit. This is just lit­tle stones, but al­though hu­mans would be ill if they ate stones, chick­ens need to swal­low them to help grind up their food. Make sure your chick­ens al­ways have some flint grit. Leave it in a dish or small feeder and they will take what they need.

The other type of grit is made of oys­ter or cockle shells or lime­stone. It’s high in cal­cium which helps make strong eggshells. You can put some in a sep­a­rate bowl and let the hens help them­selves. Don’t give this kind of grit to young chick­ens who haven’t started lay­ing eggs yet, as it can cause prob­lems with their de­vel­op­ment.

You may also see ‘mixed grit’ which con­tains both kinds in one pack. Have a good look around next time you visit a feed store!

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