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An­other busy month has just gone by. Flor­rie went broody just at the right mo­ment so that I had a chance of tak­ing her with some chicks to the Mid Som­er­set Show at Shep­ton Mal­let. I man­aged to pro­cure four Cop­per Black Marans hatch­ing eggs from a friend. Two hatched plus one egg hatched from my cross breed hens. So I had Flor­rie with three chicks to take to the show. Flor­rie was very calm and un­both­ered while she was sit­ting but be­came a lot more ag­i­tated when her chicks hatched. She was ac­tu­ally quite ag­gres­sive when it came to be­ing on dis­play at the show and did not like me pick­ing up her pre­cious chicks for vis­i­tors to hold; so we kept this to a min­i­mum. Flor­rie was much ad­mired and was par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar when one or two of her chicks were peep­ing out from un­der her feath­ers! She did her best to get as far away from the peo­ple at the show as she could so she was of­ten squashed up against the lit­tle fence.

The poul­try tent was as busy as ever, prob­a­bly busier than last year, with plenty of birds and eggs en­tered into the var­i­ous dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories and on show for ev­ery­one to look at. Supreme cham­pion (Best in Show) was a white Pekin hen owned by Mar­cia Gil­bert; Re­serve Cham­pion was a black Aus­tralorp ban­tam hen, also owned by Mar­cia Gil­bert. The judge was the very ex­pe­ri­enced panel A show judge, David Copas; the white Pekin was deemed to have a good head and eye, short back, ex­cel­lent front and cush­ion; type was more im­por­tant than adorn­ment. Both birds were very well pre­sented and the Aus­tralorp took sec­ond place as a re­sult of two feath­ers miss­ing at her back!

Flor­rie with her chicks

An Aus­tralorp

A white Pekin

Char­lotte Popescu

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