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In an at­tempt to pla­cate their neigh­bour, the own­ers of the trou­ble­some cock­erel men­tioned on the ra­dio fit­ted an ‘anti-crow­ing col­lar’. Hav­ing never heard of such a thing, I dis­cov­ered it re­stricts the bird’s vo­cal chords, lim­it­ing the vol­ume of his crow. It sounded bizarre, and not very hu­mane, al­though it’s claimed that if cor­rectly fit­ted the cock­erel ap­par­ently suf­fers no dis­com­fort. Per­haps the key words are ‘cor­rectly fit­ted’ – too loose and it won’t work, too tight and the bird could be stran­gled. It would also re­quire reg­u­lar checks.

Per­son­ally I don’t like the idea at all (al­though my hus­band, who had been suf­fer­ing rest­less nights due to our rowdy birds, showed some in­ter­est). Apart from the like­li­hood of dis­tress and suf­fer­ing to the birds, it could en­cour­age peo­ple to keep cock­erels in un­suit­able cir­cum­stances. By the time the case of the dis­put­ing neigh­bours came to court, the cock­erel in ques­tion had been despatched. He’d been kept in a dark shed at night, the col­lar had lim­ited his crow­ing – and he showed his feel­ings by chas­ing his own­ers around the gar­den!

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