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QMy flock of four out­door hy­brids have been lay­ing eggs with slightly bluey/green tinged yolks. Why would this be? Es­pe­cially as they are be­ing fed the same as the other birds. They free-range in my gar­den.

AVic­to­ria says: If they are free-rang­ing the two new hens could have found a plant they are shar­ing which would colour the yolk. We do know that acorn con­sump­tion will pro­vide a dark line around the yolk, but other strange colours have not yet been proven to come from spe­cific plants (there’s a project for some­one). The or­ange colour we ex­pect of yolks from free-rang­ing hens is ob­tained from dark green plants – com­mer­cial feed tends to have this can­thax­an­thin colourant added (e.g. marigold petals pro­vide a nat­u­ral and con­sis­tent source) since pale yolks are not con­sid­ered as healthy. There is some truth in this as there are less omega 3s in pale yolks.

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