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stock). When us­ing the pow­der, put a lit­tle veg­etable oil on the pel­lets first so it sticks. The dose is 3g/kg of pel­lets for seven days. If the hens have been run­ning un­der the shrubs since you got them, it is un­likely to be a plant that is the prob­lem. Re­mem­ber that the blind ended twice daily cae­cal drop­pings are a dif­fer­ent colour, con­sis­tency and smell from or­di­nary dark poo with a white tip. The worms that live only in the caeca can cause the colour and fre­quency to change, as can eat­ing a dif­fer­ent plant. If they are in a con­fined space, worm­ing them at least four times a year is im­por­tant as the life­cy­cle is in in­sects and earth­worms and they will re-in­fect them­selves. The fact they are lay­ing and ap­pear well is a good sign, but if the wa­tery poo con­tin­ues the hens may need an an­tibi­otic from your vet.

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