Hy­brid hens went broody

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QI bought five hy­brid hens this spring and I read that they are not meant to be broody. How­ever, this sum­mer, the Rhode Rock and the Sus­sex hy­brid both tried to sit and I found it quite an­noy­ing as I didn’t get any eggs from them for at least three weeks. Why did they go broody?

AChar­lotte Popescu says: Al­though hy­brids have been specif­i­cally bred to lay eggs right through the year and brood­i­ness should be less likely, there are some that will still want to sit on their eggs. This is be­cause most hy­brids come from the Rhode Is­land Red, the Sus­sex or the Marans which are all heavy breeds. Heavy breeds are sit­ters so they will go broody. If you want hy­brids that will def­i­nitely not go broody then you need to go for the Leghorn­based hy­brid, of­ten called White Star. The Leghorn is a light breed and a non-sit­ter.

The Sus­sex hy­brid usu­ally called Black Sus­sex

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