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Moult­ing usu­ally lasts be­tween eight and 12 weeks. Feath­ers are lost from the head, neck first, then from the sad­dle, breast and body, then the wings and lastly from the tail. Hens born in the spring and sum­mer will not usu­ally moult un­til the au­tumn of the next year. Usu­ally it is the poor egg lay­ers that moult early and the bet­ter the layer, the later in the year she will moult. Pin feath­ers may be seen – th­ese are the new emerg­ing feath­ers and usu­ally in­di­cate a short moult. The cock­erel will also have a par­tial moult los­ing and re­plac­ing mainly just his tail feath­ers. Dur­ing this process he will be in­fer­tile as his en­ergy will be used to re­place feath­ers.

I find quite a few hens have lost their neck feath­ers by the end of the sum­mer so a moult is re­ally use­ful as they come out of it look­ing very spruce!

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