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The Aus­tralorp is a heavy soft feath­ered breed and the word Aus­tralorp is an ab­bre­vi­a­tion of Aus­tralian black Or­p­ing­ton. We don’t have many breeds that orig­i­nated in Aus­tralia but this one came to us around 1921. This is the pro­to­type, how­ever, of the black Or­p­ing- ton as orig­i­nally made by Mr Cook and named af­ter Or­p­ing­ton in Kent. The Aus­tralorp is pretty to look at with a com­pact shape. She is erect and grace­ful to look at. Most Aus­tralorp birds are black but there is also a blue ver­sion. Hens are good lay­ers of brown eggs.

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