The Ad­ven­tures of Poppy and George – Part 68 Feath­ers ev­ery­where!

Your Chickens - - Charlotte's Chickens - with Hat­tie

“What’s hap­pened!” gasped Mum. “Why are there feath­ers ev­ery­where?”

“The chick­ens are moult­ing,” ex­plained Poppy. “That’s why they’ve stopped lay­ing eggs.”

“They look aw­ful,” said Mum. “Some of them are nearly bald.”

“Shhh,” gig­gled Poppy. “They’ll be up­set if they hear you.”

“Will their feath­ers grow back?” asked Mum.

“Oh yes,” said George. “They’ll have lovely fresh feath­ers in a few weeks.”

“But aren’t they cold with­out their feath­ers?” said Mum. “Should we make them some lit­tle coats?”

“Grandpa says that’s not a good idea,” said Poppy. “If they are too warm their feath­ers won’t grow back so quickly.”

“They might get in­sects liv­ing un­der the coats too,” said George.

“We just have to feed them well, and make sure their house is warm and dry,” said Poppy.

“They need ex­tra look­ing-af­ter while they’re moult­ing,” said George.

Mum tried to pick up Fluffy, her favourite ex-bat­tery hen. Fluffy ran away.

“She doesn’t like me any more,” said Mum, sadly.“It hurts her to be touched while her new feath­ers are grow­ing,” ex­plained Poppy. “Don’t worry, she’ll soon be ready for a cud­dle again.”

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