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Suzie Baldwin at Hol­ly­wa­ter Hens in Hamp­shire, lists the most pop­u­lar birds with her cus­tomers

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Here at Hol­ly­wa­ter Hens we sell a lot of chick­ens. The most pop­u­lar at the mo­ment are the hy­brids, but I have to say that more and more peo­ple are get­ting the chicken keep­ing bug and com­ing back for pure breeds to add to their flock. With so many dif­fer­ent breeds, we are spoilt for choice. Here are my top six best sell­ers:


These are chick­ens that have been bred mix­ing dif­fer­ent breeds to­gether to pro­duce one that ex­cels at egg lay­ing (up to 300 eggs a year). They are very hardy, healthy birds with less of a ten­dency to go broody than pure breeds. They come in a va­ri­ety of colours - gin­ger, grey, white, speck­led, white and black, and pro­duce a va­ri­ety of egg colours - blue, brown, cream and white - which is great if you want an at­trac­tive egg box. Some are very placid and friendly. Some can be rather flighty, but they are a great starter bird and are a very pop­u­lar choice for be­gin­ners.


These girls are hugely pop­u­lar, and with good rea­son. They are a small breed that is well suited to smaller gar­dens. Be­ing friendly and lov­ing in­ter­ac­tion, they are very

suit­able for young chil­dren. They walk like Char­lie Chap­lin and have per­son­al­i­ties to match a lion. They come in lots of dif­fer­ent colours and brighten any gar­den with their beauty and charm. They are hardy and ro­bust and mix well with most breeds if given enough space. Ex­pect around 120 small sized eggs a year (they make the best scotch eggs) al­though this does de­pend on how many times they go broody! They make great brood­ies and are pro­tec­tive and at­ten­tive mums.


Buff Or­p­ing­ton’s have al­ways been pop­u­lar. They are a stun­ning, large docile bird with the best fluffy bums by far! They are of­ten fea­tured in mag­a­zines. They have en­dear­ing per­son­al­i­ties and are calm and in­quis­i­tive. Be­cause of their size they are not flighty nor es­cape artists but they do need a large house with low perches. These birds come in an ar­ray of colour - but Buff is the most pop­u­lar colour with blue/splash a close sec­ond. Their eggs are a good size and you can ex­pect about 160 a year from them.


This last cou­ple of years has seen a huge in­crease in peo­ple want­ing dif­fer­ent coloured eggs, so we have pro­duced our own strain of bird pro­duc­ing green eggs. They are a mix of Marans and Cream Leg­bar. They are fab girls and mix well within a flock and great lay­ers. They pro­duce round 180 good sized khaki green coloured eggs. They don’t par­tic­u­larly like be­ing cud­dled but are happy to eat treats from your hand.

PHOTO: Grant Br­ere­ton

ABOVE: A Laven­der Pekin CEN­TRE: A group of Suzie ald­win’s hens, in­clud­ing hy­brids

PHOTO: Grant Br­ere­ton

TOP: Buff Or­p­ing­tons ABOVE LEFT: Suzie Baldwin


Hol­ly­wa­ter Greens. This is a strain pro­duced at Hol­ly­wa­ter Hens

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