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Q Pearl my ex-bat was ob­vi­ously sold as her egg lay­ing pe­riod had peaked, but since own­ing her she has never laid an egg! About three months ago she gave signs of peri­toni­tis, but after I was con­vinced she had an in­fec­tion, the vets gave her an­tibi­otics, which worked, and she was soon back to her bossy self. Then, about six weeks ago, she laid a fairy egg, or fart egg, as I found out this tiny egg was called. I did hope this may lead to some eggs, but noth­ing has hap­pened since. A Victoria says: The term for those tiny eggs that only con­tain white is ‘wind’ as in breeze. Ex-bats do bring their own prob­lems with them; you have had her treated for an in­fec­tion which worked. I sus­pect she is now head­ing for egg peri­toni­tis as she should not be spend­ing time in the nest­box if she has fin­ished lay­ing. She ob­vi­ously has a prob­lem with her egg pro­duc­tion so do keep an eye on her. Re­mem­ber to worm the whole flock with Fluben­vet three or four times an­nu­ally to keep them all stronger to re­sist pathogens. The im­plant, Suprelorin, may help her at this stage.

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