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Q Should I be vac­ci­nat­ing against my­coplasma? If I have a flock that has had sus­pected my­coplasma in the past, would it be safe to add vac­ci­nated chick­ens into the flock? A Victoria says: Chick­ens vac­ci­nated against my­coplasma do not seem to pass it on to naïve hens. The my­coplasma vac­cine merely lasts six months, if that, so is not really eco­nom­i­cal or prac­ti­cal. The dis­ease it­self is very con­ta­gious and wild birds can carry it, (an­other rea­son to keep hens and wild birds sep­a­rate). Treat the new hens in quar­an­tine with Ty­lan Sol­u­ble for five days plus the old hens if they are show­ing symp­toms. I med­i­cate and con­trol it by us­ing Ty­lan Sol­u­ble at the first sign of sniv­el­ling. Not for­get­ting to dis­solve the 1g of pow­der first in a small amount of wa­ter by vig­or­ous shak­ing in e.g. a pill pot be­fore adding to the 2L wa­ter, oth­er­wise it sits on the bot­tom of the drinker and does noth­ing.

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