Are chick­ens scared of fire­works?

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QAre chick­ens scared of fire­works? Our neigh­bours are hav­ing a New Year’s Eve dis­play and I worry that it might frighten the hens.

AMichelle Dunn says: Sur­pris­ingly, chick­ens gen­er­ally don’t seem that both­ered by fire­works. This is prob­a­bly be­cause most dis­plays take place in the dark, long af­ter chick­ens are safely on the roost and set­tled for the night. I have seen an un­sub­stan­ti­ated re­port from a Chi­nese chicken farm about chick­ens be­ing fright­ened to death by fire­crack­ers on New Year’s Day, but I have never heard of any­one los­ing a chicken that way. If your chick­ens are used to roam­ing out­side they will be used to sud­den noises and the worst ef­fect you are likely to have is a few soft-shelled eggs for a cou­ple of days. Ev­ery year, there is a large com­mer­cial fire­work dis­play less than a quar­ter of a mile away from us and my chick­ens have never been the slight­est bit both­ered by it. Do ask your neigh­bour to let off the fire­works as far from your chick­ens as pos­si­ble, and to wait un­til af­ter dark when all your birds are safely in­side.

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