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Q How do you tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween red mite and North­ern Fowl mite? A Vic­to­ria says: There are two ways. One is that the red mite spends day­light hours in the hen hut, then crawls out of its hid­ing place, along the perch and sucks the blood of the hens at night. NFM live on any chicken (most of­ten on cock­erels) 24/7 in clumps un­der the tail and else­where. If there is a se­vere out­break of red mite they may stay on the hen but are scat­tered through the feath­ers. This will then lead you to the sec­ond dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion and for this you will need the use of a mi­cro­scope – the NFM has a hairy body and the red mite does not. Both mites are poor wel­fare for the chick­ens and need con­trol­ling at all times by the use of Bi­olink Di­atom pow­der.

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