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It’s cold out­side

“Yay!” shouted Ge­orge. “I’m at Level Four!” Poppy and Ge­orge were play­ing their Christ­mas com­puter games when Grandpa popped in. “How are the chick­ens to­day?” he asked. “We’ve fed them as usual,” said Poppy, “but they usu­ally stay in­side when it’s cold.” “Have you cleaned them out this week­end?” asked Grandpa. “Err, no,” said Poppy. “We’ll do it later.” “It will be dark later,” said Grandpa. “Why not do it now while it’s not quite so cold?” “I’d rather be in­doors like the chick­ens,” said Ge­orge. “So many peo­ple have got colds,” said Mum. “Maybe it’s bet­ter if Poppy and Ge­orge stay warm.” “Non­sense!” said Grandpa. “Germs love warm rooms. You won’t catch a cold from go­ing out­side – but your chick­ens may get ill if their house is dirty.” “How?” asked Ge­orge. “Dirt af­fects their breath­ing sys­tems,” ex­plained Grandpa, “and it’s even worse when they’re spend­ing so much time in­side.” Poppy and Ge­orge ran to get their coats! “Are you com­ing to help?” asked Ge­orge, hope­fully. “No,” said Grandpa. “I’ve al­ready cleaned out two coops to­day, and now I’m look­ing for­ward to a cup of tea!”

Club mem­ber Grace North, 7, from Thur­rock, Essex, is pictured feed­ing Flo, one of her grandad’s nine chick­ens.

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