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QOne of my pul­lets has just pro­duced a weird mem­brane — it looks more like a bal­loon than an egg. All of my other hens and pul­lets are lay­ing per­fect eggs. Why did my pul­let lay this ‘bal­loon’? Should I be wor­ried?

AJulie Moore says: Your pul­let has laid a shell-less egg — the shell mem­branes were placed on the yolk and egg white but some­how the shell was not de­posited. As the shell forms just be­fore an egg is laid, stress caused by fright or ex­cite­ment can cause a hen to lay pre­ma­turely be­fore the shell is com­plete.

Some­times, a pul­let com­ing into lay, par­tic­u­larly if she has ma­tured early may lay shell-less eggs sim­ply be­cause her re­pro­duc­tive system isn’t fully de­vel­oped. This is the likely ex­pla­na­tion in your sit­u­a­tion.

A diet de­fi­cient in cal­cium or vi­ta­min D can also cause soft shells.

The oc­ca­sional shell-less egg is noth­ing to worry about, but if they per­sist, it may be a sign of a dis­ease such as in­fec­tious bron­chi­tis or New­cas­tle dis­ease which is some­thing to worry about and an avian vet­eri­nar­ian should be con­sulted.

This looks more like a bal­loon than an egg

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