Hatch­ing Chicks!

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Poppy and Ge­orge were burst­ing with ex­cite­ment when Mum col­lected them from school.

“We’re go­ing to have an in­cu­ba­tor in school!” Ge­orge shouted.

“We’ll see the chicks hatch out of the eggs!” cried Poppy.

“Calm down,” laughed Mum. “Be­fore you both ex­plode – or should that be eggs-plode?” “Oh Mum!” groaned Ge­orge. “It’s re­ally awe­some!” Poppy con­tin­ued. “We’re go­ing to hatch some eggs with the school chick­ens too.”

“Then we’ll see which works best – in­cu­ba­tor or hen,” said Ge­orge.

“Grandpa or­gan­ised it,” said Poppy. “It’s a to­tally mas­sive project for the whole school.”

“What will hap­pen to all those chicks when they grow up?” asked Mum.

“They’ll go to a free-range farm where they’ll be happy,” said Poppy.

“But what about the cock­erels?” asked Mum. “There are al­ways too many cock­erels when you hatch eggs, and they are al­ways noisy!”

“They’ll be free-range un­til they’re big,” said Ge­orge. “Then some might have to be eaten!”

“We have to un­der­stand about that,” said Poppy, se­ri­ously. “If we eat chicken, we should know where it comes from.”

“Just as well,” smiled Mum, “be­cause we’re hav­ing chicken stir-fry for sup­per!”

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