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Chick­ens have their own lan­guage – and so do chicken peo­ple! Do you ever won­der what a word in Your Chick­ens means? Here’s Hat­tie to the res­cue with her own hencyclopaedia!


Young hens are of­ten called ‘pul­lets.’ They don’t of­fi­cially be­come hens un­til they have moulted their feath­ers for the first time, which usu­ally hap­pens when they are about a year old. If a pul­let is very young, she won’t be ready to lay eggs for a while. Her first eggs are likely to be small, but she’ll lay larger ones as she grows older. While she is get­ting used to lay­ing, she may give you some strange eggs. You might find a tiny egg with­out a yolk, or even a big one with two yolks. There is usu­ally noth­ing to worry about, but lay­ing her first eggs can be a big deal for a lit­tle hen, so try not to dis­turb her dur­ing this del­i­cate time.

Young hens are called pul­lets

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