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AYAM CE­MA­NIS There was a bit of a craze for Ayam Ce­ma­nis a cou­ple of years and I man­aged to pick up two hens in Sal­is­bury Mar­ket. This un­usual breed hails from Java in In­done­sia and was in­tro­duced into Europe in the 70s by a Dutch breeder. I lost one of my Ayam Ce­ma­nis last year; un­for­tu­nately she dis­ap­peared af­ter wan­der­ing too far across the field and I think a fox must have taken her. But my re­main­ing Ayam Ce­mani, called Elly, is much trea­sured. She is black all over, inside and out. These black birds have ex­cess pig­men­ta­tion which causes some­thing called fi­brome­lanosis. Ayam Ce­ma­nis are meant to be poor lay­ers and non-sit­ters but my lit­tle one, as men­tioned above, is broody at the mo­ment and she went broody a few times last year as well!olupti

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