Hat­tie’s Hen­cy­clopae­dia

Chick­ens have their own lan­guage — and so do chicken peo­ple. Do you ever won­der what a word in Your Chick­ens means? Here’s Hat­tie to the res­cue with her own hen­cy­clopae­dia!

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YOU WILL need very sharp eyes to spot these tiny in­sects, but they can do a lot of dam­age to your chick­ens. Red mite are ac­tu­ally grey, but turn red af­ter feed­ing on the chick­ens’ blood. They live in the hen­house and come out at night when the chick­ens are asleep. The mites breed very quickly and the more of them there are, the more the chick­ens suf­fer. Some­times they can even die. Al­though it is not easy to see red mite, a tell-tale sign is the lit­tle piles of dust they leave be­hind. You may also no­tice your chick­ens don’t want to go to bed at night. Red mite don’t like the light and find hid­ing places dur­ing the day, es­pe­cially around the ends of the perches. If you press your thumb around a perch and find a smear of red — that’s squashed red mite. Or you could try shin­ing a torch into the coop at night and you may be able to see them mov­ing away from the light. If you think that you have red mite in your hen­house, it is im­por­tant to act quickly. They are not easy to get rid of and you should ask an adult for help.

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