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YOUR HENS may be moult­ing now. It can be wor­ry­ing when their feath­ers start fall­ing out, and some chick­ens end up al­most bald. How­ever, it is a nor­mal process and the feath­ers will grow back. Chang­ing their feath­ers is stress­ful for chick­ens, though, and the hens will stop lay­ing. Make sure your chick­ens eat plenty of good food, with­out too many treats and al­ways have fresh wa­ter avail­able for them. You could also give them a sea­weed sup­ple­ment to help their feath­ers grow. When the first lit­tle feath­ers start ap­pear­ing, your chick­ens may feel rather sore (prob­a­bly like your mouth does when a new tooth is com­ing through). Even the friendli­est ones may not want to be touched at this time. Wait un­til they’re fluffy again and they will be back

for cud­dles as usual.

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