Re­move par­ti­tions to pre­vent over­crowd­ing

Your Chickens - - Ask The Vet -

QSev­eral of my hens like to use the same nest­box, re­sult­ing in bro­ken eggs. What can I do?

Vic­to­ria says: Even if enough per­fect nest­boxes are pro­vided, some hens like to copy the al­pha hen and use the same one. The gen­eral rule is one box per four hens, so al­low 35x35cm for large fowl lay­ing hens. If the hens are crowd­ing into one box, re­move all the par­ti­tions be­tween the boxes so that there is one long com­mu­nal box and then there will be plenty of room for ev­ery­one with­out them squash­ing all the eggs.

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