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THE AD­VEN­TURES OF POPPY AND GE­ORGE – PART 80 An early Christ­mas present

Grandpa put a pack­age on the ta­ble. “It’s an early Christ­mas present,” he ex­plained.

“Wow,” said Ge­orge. “Christ­mas is ages away. Can we open it now?”

Grandpa smiled. “You need it now,” he said.

Poppy and Ge­orge tore off the pa­per and found a square box. “What is it?” asked Poppy.

“We need to fit it to the chicken house,” said Grandpa. “I’ve brought my tools.”

The fam­ily fol­lowed Grandpa out­side. Even the chick­ens gath­ered round to watch.

“There,” said Grandpa. He pressed a but­ton on the box. The lit­tle door the chick­ens used slowly closed. Grandpa pressed an­other but­ton and the door opened again.

“It’s very good,” said Ge­orge, thought­fully, “but we can open and close the door just as eas­ily our­selves.”

“Aha,” said Grandpa. “But what about when you’re not here?”

“Can the box do it for us?” asked Poppy.

“Yes,” replied Grandpa. “Chick­ens go to bed when it gets dark — and that’s very early in win­ter. This will shut them safely into their house so you can stay late at af­ter-school clubs.”

Poppy and Ge­orge hugged Grandpa. “I like early Christ­mas presents,” said Ge­orge.

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