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EGGS WILL have dwin­dled now for ev­ery­one ex­cept those with new hy­brids who will lay well through the win­ter. Pure breeds will en­joy a well-earned break from egg lay­ing. Af­ter they moult they will re­gain a nice new set of feath­ers to take them into the new year. Watch out for scaly leg mite on hens’ legs and red mite in the hen house, though. These are the two most com­mon prob­lems I have to deal with. I use sur­gi­cal spirit brushed onto the legs of any hen suf­fer­ing with scaly leg mite once a week for five weeks. I also rub Vase­line into the scales which helps to elim­i­nate the mite. Check the crevices or ends of perches for red mite. I find di­atoma­ceous earth sprin­kled around the cor­ners of the house the most ef­fec­tive way to get rid of them. Di­atoms are the fos­silised re­mains of mi­cro skele­tons, which are a type of al­gae. The pow­der with its mi­cro­scop­i­cally sharp edges will des­ic­cate the mite.

Scaly leg mite is one of the most com­mon prob­lems chicken keep­ers face

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