Fi­bre first for the com­pe­ti­tion sea­son

Pro­vid­ing your horse with the right amount of fuel for the work he’s do­ing can be tricky to get right. Dengie ex­plains how dif­fer­ent forms of fi­bre can give him all the en­ergy and stamina he needs

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PRO­VID­ING A HIGH-FI­BRE diet for your horse isn’t just for when he’s in lit­tle or no work. If your plan is to get out com­pet­ing this com­ing sea­son, fi­bre should still play a ma­jor part in your horse’s diet. There are var­i­ous types of fi­bre you can feed your horse and each can ben­e­fit your horse in dif­fer­ent ways. Here, Dengie ex­plains what ar­eas you need to look at to en­sure your com­pe­ti­tion horse is get­ting all the en­ergy he needs, and helps you choose the high-fi­bre feed that’s best for him. If you com­pete or work your horse reg­u­larly then there are five key ar­eas you need to con­sider when try­ing to pro­vide a high-fi­bre diet.

l1 Res­pi­ra­tory health – feeds that con­tain straw are not as clean as those that con­tain just high-tem­per­a­ture dried fi­bres such as the Dengie Alfa-A range. Straw is fine for good do­ers and leisure horses but Dengie be­lieves clean fi­bre is best for sports horses. l2 En­ergy level – the Dengie Alfa-A range con­tains as much en­ergy as a cool mix in the case of Alfa-A Orig­i­nal, right up to a com­pe­ti­tion or con­di­tion­ing mix in the case of Alfa-A Oil, which con­tains 12.5MJ/kg of di­gestible en­ergy but is just 4.5% sugar and 2% starch. You re­ally can do hard work on a fi­bre- and oil-based diet. l3 Qual­ity pro­tein source – the Alfa-A range is abun­dant in es­sen­tial amino acids com­pared to other fi­bre sources. The al­falfa plant is amaz­ingly clever as it is able to con­vert ni­tro­gen from the at­mos­phere into amino acids in its own tis­sues, which the horse then ben­e­fits from. l4 A nat­u­ral buf­fer – al­falfa is richer in cal­cium than other chopped fi­bres, which gives it greater nat­u­ral buffer­ing prop­er­ties against acid­ity in the di­ges­tive sys­tem. l5 Trace­abil­ity – the al­falfa used in the Dengie Alfa-A range is grown in the UK and ev­ery bag can be traced back to the field it was grown in, so you know ex­actly where Dengie’s feeds come from.

Ali­cia Wilkin­son and Per­fect Tim­ing II who com­pleted Blen­heim in 2017 on a Dengie Grass Pel­let, Alfa-Beet and Per­for­mance+ Bal­ancer diet

What­ever your horse’s re­quire­ments, there’s a Dengie feed to suit him

Event rider Lucy Jack­son gives Dengie feeds to her team of horses and has seen great re­sults

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