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OB­STA­CLES CAN COME thick and fast when you’re out on the cross coun­try, so be­ing able to pre­pare and make ad­just­ments to your horse’s stride when needed is es­sen­tial. “This ex­er­cise is good for prac­tis­ing rhythm, straight­ness and bal­ance in your can­ter,” ex­plains Ibby. “You’ll need to be straight for take-off and land­ing to help you pre­pare for what’s com­ing next. It also helps you to train your eye to see a stride.” Be­ing able to get into a rhythm with your can­ter has huge ben­e­fits for when you have an op­ti­mum time to stick to, so the more you prac­tise, the bet­ter.

How to ride it

SET IT UP: Place a par­al­lel jump in the cen­tre of the arena and an up­right fence at each end (see di­a­gram, right), set at a height you feel com­fort­able with. If you’re just start­ing off or you and your horse lacks ex­pe­ri­ence, be­gin with poles on the floor. Then: a) Be­gin in can­ter on the left rein. b) Ap­proach the end of the school and look ahead for the first jump. c) Turn to­wards the first jump and ride straight. d) Jump the fence, land­ing and rid­ing away in a straight line. e) Look for the next fence in the mid­dle of the school and ride to­wards it, fo­cus­ing on hav­ing a straight ap­proach. f) Jump the fence and re­peat to the third and fi­nal fence. g) After the third jump, go large and change the rein. h) Then re­peat this ex­er­cise on the other rein. THE NEXT LEVEL: Make the par­al­lel jump wider to en­cour­age your horse to use his back over the fence.

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