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First things first, you have to be able to ride your horse straight be­fore you can ex­pect him to halt square. If he’s not trav­el­ling on two tracks and has a ten­dency to bring his quar­ters in, or doesn’t carry his head and neck in line with the mid­dle of his chest, you’re more likely to end up with a wonky halt.

Try this

To be­gin with, prac­tise rid­ing straight lines us­ing the edge of the arena to help you. a) Main­tain an even feel down both reins. b) Rest your legs gen­tly against your horse’s sides, cre­at­ing a tun­nel to keep him straight. c) His head and neck should be straight too, with his ears level. Now ride off the track and see if you can main­tain his straight­ness. a) Try turn­ing up the three-quar­ter or cen­tre line and note what your horse feels like. Does it feel as if you’re drift­ing back to the track? If it does, cor­rect him us­ing your out­side leg to keep him on the cor­rect line. b) Make sure you’re look­ing up and ahead where you’re go­ing, and keep your horse’s head and neck straight. c) As you ride this ex­er­cise, feel whether your horse is eas­ier to keep straight on one rein than he is on the other.

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