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Banish those pesky blighters for good with the new Amigo Vamoose Evo­lu­tion rug. Al­li­son Lowther takes a closer look at what makes this fly rug so dif­fer­ent

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A new fly rug

YOU’VE PACKED AWAY the last of your win­ter rugs for a few months and now your at­ten­tion turns to an­other po­ten­tial is­sue for your horse – flies! Just when you think your horse can en­joy some qual­ity time in the sun­shine graz­ing with his pals, those pesky flies come along to make his life a mis­ery. Mak­ing sum­mer turnout more bear­able can be an ex­pen­sive busi­ness and usu­ally the best form of at­tack is a com­bi­na­tion of a light­weight mesh fly rug and ap­ply­ing co­pi­ous amounts of fly re­pel­lent too. Help is now at hand with a new rug from lead­ing rug man­u­fac­turer, Horse­ware Ire­land. The Amigo Vamoose Evo­lu­tion rug has been clev­erly de­signed and de­vel­oped to of­fer your horse com­plete pro­tec­tion from flies and other fly­ing in­sects.

The use of colour

The first thing you’ll no­tice is the colour. This isn’t merely the new sea­son’s colour combo; there’s some sci­ence be­hind why these par­tic­u­lar shades have been cho­sen. In­sects re­spond dif­fer­ently to dif­fer­ent colours and in­ter­est­ingly, most in­sects can­not per­ceive or­ange or aqua. This is be­cause their vi­sion cen­tres on dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the elec­tro­mag­netic spec­trum. Us­ing this colour techn­l­ogy is a nat­u­ral de­ter­rent in it­self, but com­bine this with the Horse­ware’s Vamoose tech­nol­ogy and you have a rug that will keep fly­ing nas­ties at bay.

Re­pel the flies

The top and sides of the rug are treated with Horse­ware’s Vamoose in­sect con­trol tech­nol­ogy. Vamoose is a syn­thet­i­cally en­gi­neered form of per­me­rthrin, a pow­er­ful, nat­u­ral fly re­pel­lent that’s odour­less and in­vis­i­ble and proven to be an ef­fec­tive re­pel­lent for flies, mos­qui­tos and midges. Now for the clever bit: the Vamoose tech­nol­ogy is in­fused into the fab­ric of the rug and when worn by your horse forms a shield against in­sects, so they leave your horse in peace. Also, Vamoose tech­nol­ogy elim­i­nates or dras­ti­cally re­duces the need to use fly-re­pel­lent prod­ucts and re­mains ef­fec­tive even after 20 washes, so should save you some money too.

Mod­ern styling

On top of all the in­no­va­tive fly-re­pelling tech­nol­ogy, this rug fea­tures a disc front clo­sure. The disc is po­si­tioned com­fort­ably on your horse’s chest, com­ple­ment­ing his shape and al­low­ing his neck to lower com­fort­ably while graz­ing. The top two fas­ten­ings form a V-front de­sign that mim­ics your horse’s shoul­der move­ment. The outer ma­te­rial is soft, strong and ab­sorbent knit­ted polyester net, with sun-re­flect­ing prop­er­ties too. A su­per­sized tail flap with a silky lin­ing pro­vides ex­tra pro­tec­tion and the shoul­der and mane area are lined to stop rub­bing. For more cov­er­age over the del­i­cate tummy area, this rug has a large belly flap with Vel­cro clo­sures and three straight surcin­gles to help hold the rug se­curely in place.

Vamoose forms an in­vis­i­ble shield to help protect your horse from flies

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