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min This is an ad­vanced grid in­volv­ing two bounces. It’s made up of two ver­ti­cals (a) at 70cm (or smaller) on a bounce dis­tance, fol­lowed by a sec­ond bounce (b) at 90cm max­i­mum. Next there’s an oxer (c) and a ver­ti­cal (d) on a one-stride dis­tance. l1 Es­tab­lish a can­ter that’s en­er­getic, yet con­trolled and col­lected, and turn to the first bounce. l2 Aim for the cen­tre and keep your hands low and soft through the bounce, al­low­ing your horse to go for­wards, while re­main­ing straight. l3 Take a breather and walk your horse around the school on a loose rein. l4 Re­peat the ex­er­cise, then take an­other breather be­fore do­ing the ex­er­cise on the other rein.

Make sure your horse is happy jump­ing a bounce be­fore you tackle this grid, and don’t jump it straight through. In­stead, set it up fence by fence, only adding an­other fence af­ter he has com­fort­ably jumped what is there. To progress, make the oxer wider to shorten the dis­tance and make the grid a stronger test. A wider fence will make your horse slow down and push off his hocks to get up in the air more.

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