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Keep the fences at a height you feel con­fi­dent with. This ex­er­cise isn’t about how high you can jump, but about ap­proach­ing your fences in a for­ward, ac­tive way and main­tain­ing that en­ergy be­tween each jump. If you want to, you can work to­wards turn­ing the up­right fences into ox­ers. Only change them one fence at a time though, so that your horse be­comes used to the change in pat­tern grad­u­ally. As ox­ers are wider and re­quire a big­ger jump, this will af­fect the dis­tance be­tween each fence and you and your horse will need to adapt ac­cord­ingly, while re­main­ing for­ward and ac­tive.

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