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Once you and your horse are happy rid­ing this ex­er­cise and get­ting five even can­ter strides be­tween each fence, try rid­ing six strides be­tween them in­stead. This re­quires the can­ter stride to be shorter, but make sure each stride is con­sis­tent be­tween the fences. Next time around, al­low the can­ter to be slightly longer again and ride five strides be­tween jumps. Come through the grid sev­eral times, vary­ing the num­ber of can­ter strides you ride each time — you should find your horse be­gins to wait for and lis­ten to your aids. This ex­er­cise tests how well you can con­trol the speed and length of your horse’s stride as he ap­proaches a fence and also checks he stays fo­cused on you.

Prac­tise rid­ing six can­ter strides be­tween fences, rather than five, to en­sure your horse is lis­ten­ing

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