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min Warm up your horse for five min­utes around the length of the arena, vary­ing be­tween walk and trot on both reins. In­clude a few serpentines (see p38) to get him fo­cused and lis­ten­ing to your leg. When you’re both warmed up, be­gin by walk­ing large around the arena. l1 At your first marker ride a 10m cir­cle in walk. When you re­turn to the out­side track, con­tinue to walk around the arena. l2 At the next marker, halt and ask your horse to stand still for 15 sec­onds. l3 Con­tinue around the arena in walk. When you reach your next marker, ride an­other 10m cir­cle. l4 Re­peat this cir­cle-stop-cir­cle pat­tern all the way round the arena. l5 Re­peat the ex­er­cise on the other rein.

On the cir­cles, use your in­side leg to push your horse out and lift up through the shoul­der. Make sure you keep your out­side rein sup­port­ive so your horse doesn’t drift off the 10m cir­cle.

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