Step one: Start with croSS-poleS

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place two cross-poles in the mid­dle of your school be­tween 3m and 4m apart, de­pend­ing on the length of your horse’s stride. Start­ing with cross-poles will feel less in­tim­i­dat­ing as the shape of them nat­u­rally gives you a cen­tre point to fo­cus on. this helps to keep your horse straight and en­cour­ages him to jump over the mid­dle of the fence. “Go steady into the bounce,” says Si­mon. “Stay in trot on your ap­proach to give him time to work out what he needs to do with his feet.”

S t r e B o r w e h t t a M : S o t o h p

Cross-poles help with straight­ness as they e ncour­age your h orse t o j ump over t he m id­dle

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