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The most ob­vi­ous sign of IAD is an in­tol­er­ance to ex­er­cise. If IAD is present, the horse will per­form poorly and re­cov­ery will take longer. The symp­toms in­clude: ● A raspy cough that is of­ten present post-ex­er­cise — so watch out for it after you’ve rid­den your horse. ● De­layed re­cov­ery of res­pi­ra­tory rate after ex­er­cise — know what level of puff­ing is nor­mal for your horse, so you’re aware if this changes and he be­gins to take a lot longer to re­cover than nor­mal. ● White dis­charge from the nostrils after ex­er­cise — this liq­uid will ap­pear in his nose, so check for it after rid­ing. You may spot it when you’re taking off his bri­dle. ● Gen­eral fa­tigue and list­less­ness — if he sud­denly seems to be off colour, his breath­ing may be the rea­son be­hind it.

If IAD is present it will show up in a cough after ex­er­tion

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