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If your horse’s cough is per­sis­tent and he’s show­ing other symp­toms, call your vet, who can di­ag­nose the cough prop­erly. If the clin­i­cal signs in­di­cate IAD, your vet will per­form an en­doscopy. En­doscopy al­lows a sam­ple of cells taken from the res­pi­ra­tory tract to be ex­am­ined in a lab­o­ra­tory. Your vet will use a small vol­ume of saline so­lu­tion through the en­do­scope to flush the horse’s wind­pipe. This is then drawn back up with a sy­ringe and sent for anal­y­sis. If your vet sus­pects the con­di­tion is IAD, the best time to take this wash is after your horse has ex­er­cised, be­cause then the cells are al­ready in the tra­chea. If the lab re­sults con­firm the cough is a re­sult of IAD, your vet will dis­cuss treat­ment op­tions.

Your vet will use en­doscopy to de­ter­mine the cause of the cough

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