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● Your horse can de­tect sounds from as far as 4km away. ● The con­i­cal shape of the ear shields the sound your horse is try­ing to fo­cus on, fad­ing out ev­ery­thing else. ● The ear tells your horse which di­rec­tion the sound is com­ing from. His su­per-ef­fec­tive near-360° vi­sion is what picks out the ex­act lo­ca­tion. ● The ear has 10 mus­cles, which is why your horse can turn his ears 180° and use them in­de­pen­dently. Hu­man ears only have three mus­cles. ● Con­stant mo­tion, with the ears shift­ing back­wards and for­wards, is your horse’s de­fault set­ting, help­ing him to keep tabs on his sur­round­ings.

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