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My hair­dresser had just gone, and left her phone be­hind, so I texted her to let her know it was with me. When she rang from her land­line, I pointed out I had just texted her. She pointed out I had her mo­bile! Ann Rowlatt, by email The doc­tor rang my hus­band and asked him if he’d had his blood test. “Oh yes,” replied my hus­band, “I’ve had my break­fast, thank you.” Mrs S Plester, Birm­ing­ham My debit card ex­pired and the new one ar­rived with in­struc­tions for sign­ing and dis­pos­ing of my old card. Only after I was fin­ished with the kitchen scis­sors and put­ting my new card away did I see the ex­piry date and re­alise I had cut the new card up! Pauline Red­sell, Gravesend

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