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Spi­der plant Spi­der plants are amaz­ing at clean­ing the air and loved for their har­di­ness. Keep them out of di­rect sun­light (but make sure they’re in a bright room.

Wa­ter well once a week. the best part? they make lit­tle baby plants on shoots which you can pot up and cut from the mother plant. air plant Can’t be both­ered with get­ting your hands dirty? this spikey plant can

live with­out soil – it looks dra­matic on book­shelves, win­dowsills or even tucked into a teapot! it’s not com­pletely faff-free though – you need to soak it in wa­ter for two-to-three hours ev­ery ten days or so.

Peace lily as the name sug­gests, these plants like a quiet life – they are low-key to keep, plus pro­duce pretty white flow­ers. they’re more likely to die from over rather

than un­der wa­ter­ing, so check that the soil is dry be­fore wa­ter­ing – about once a week. Just note that they can grow pretty big, so it’s worth check­ing

the es­ti­mated height of your plant at the gar­den cen­tre. AlOe veRA Any of the aloe fam­ily are sim­ple to keep happy – just pop them

in a warm, sunny room and wa­ter very lit­tle. This is one plant that won’t mind a bit of ne­glect when you’re on hol­i­day!

SnAKe PlAnT Also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, this striking plant is happy any­where only needs spo­radic wa­ter­ing.

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