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Work­ing out what trig­gers your asthma could help you avoid an at­tack. You may well have sev­eral trig­gers and they can vary over time. “As an adult, your asthma symp­toms are less likely to be trig­gered by al­ler­gies such as house dust mites, an­i­mals and pollen,” says Andy. “For adults, things such as colds and flu, height­ened emo­tions, laugh­ing, get­ting stressed, hor­monal changes, tem­per­a­ture changes, cig­a­rette smoke, chem­i­cal fumes or air pol­lu­tion are more likely to cause prob­lems.” Asthma is a long-term con­di­tion but there are tried and tested ways to help you stay well. Your GP may pre­scribe you in­halers to use to pre­vent symp­toms tak­ing hold and to re­lieve them if they crop up. “One of the most im­por­tant things you can do is to use a writ­ten asthma ac­tion plan, which you should fill in with your GP or asthma nurse,” says Andy. “You’re four times less likely to need to go to hospi­tal with asthma if you have an ac­tion plan.”

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