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At last, us­ing your smart­phone can be easy, sim­ple and stress-free. Find out how...

Mod­ern mo­bile phones - smart­phones as theyíre called - can do so much more than just make phone calls. From brows­ing the web wher­ever you are, check­ing train times, act­ing as a sat nav... And best of all they can make it so easy to keep in touch with fam­ily and friends ñ in so many ways, from shar­ing pho­tos to mak­ing video calls. But us­ing them is­nít al­ways as easy as youíd want ñ and thatís putting it mildly!

Do the man­u­fac­tur­ers do it on pur­pose?

Some­times it can seem like the man­u­fac­tur­ers de­lib­er­ately make them com­pli­cated - and how you do things is of­ten hid­den away. It might be easy once you know, but un­til youíve been shown the easy way, it can drive you mad. In fact only yes­ter­day I was talk­ing to some­one whose Mum had got a new all-sing­ing-all-danc­ing phone ñ but she could­nít work out how to an­swer a phone call on it! Sheís not daft - itís just WKDW LW∂V GLHUHQW IURP ZKDW VKH∂G XVHG be­fore and the phone did­nít come with a man­ual telling her what to do. Whether you have sim­i­lar prob­lems or youíre try­ing to do some­thing slightly more ad­vanced, the thing is, it can be easy to use them... once you know how. But un­til youíve been shown, it can be OLNH WDONLQJ D GLHUHQW ODQJXDJH Thatís why Iíve pub­lished two new books: iPhones one Step at a Time and An­droid Smart­phones One Step at a Time.

Plain English... and thatís not all

They ex­plain how to use the phone, in plain sim­ple lan­guage with pic­tures of the screen show­ing you ex­actly where to WDS RU VOLGH \RXU øQJHUV 1R MDUJRQ

Whatís cov­ered?

I canít list it all here. But amongst other things, youíll dis­cover: How to use it as a sat-nav... in the car or even on foot. Send emails from your phone. Most phones have a good cam­era so you can take pho­tos: hereís how to use it prop­erly (and for videos). Share pho­tos with friends around the world - quickly and eas­ily. See up­dates, pho­tos and video clips from friends and fam­ily - as soon as they ìpostî them. Take your mu­sic (and ra­dio) any­where - and how to play it through a de­cent speaker. Make it eas­ier to read the screen. Video phone calls - a great way to keep up with fam­ily who live a long way away Browse the web at home or out and about. And ob­vi­ously, you can make phone calls and send and re­ceive text mes­sages. (ìVoice­mailî is cov­ered, too) All ex­plained nice and sim­ply. (Find out more in the free in­for­ma­tion pack - read on...)

What one reader had to say:

ìThanks for a fan­tas­tic smart phone ERRN 9HU\ SOHDVDQW VWD DV XVXDO , WKLQN WKLV ERRN VKRXOG EH VROG ZLWK ev­ery smart phone. I have learnt so PXFK IURP LW WKH LQIR \RX JHW ZLWK WKH phone is non-ex­is­tent. Smart phones are TXLWH FRPSOH[ DQG \RXU ERRNV VSHDN LQ SODLQ (QJOLVK ¥ Only half the story Suit­able for iPhones and An­droid phones like Sam­sungs, and so on (not sure what phone you have?


Thatís only half the story but I donít have room to ex­plain here. Iíve put to­gether full in­for­ma­tion on the books - who theyíre for, what they cover and so on. Whatís more the books also come with a free gift - no room to ex­plain that here either.

Donít buy now, do this in­stead

The books arenít avail­able in the shops or on Ama­zon ñ only di­rect IURP WKH SXEOLVKHU 6HQG R QRZ WR get a com­pletely free, no-obli­ga­tion in­for­ma­tion pack. Itíll ex­plain what the books cover, who theyíre suit­able for and so on ñ show­ing you just how it could help you. Just call Emma, Jess or Michelle on 01229 777606 quot­ing ëYR1117Sí, you can call 7 days a week. Or send your ad­dress to YR1117@help­ful­ or post the coupon to The Help­ful Book Com­pany, 13B Devon­shire Road Es­tate, Mil­lom, Cum­bria LA18 4JS to­day to get your full in­for­ma­tion pack - weíll put it in the post to you straight away (and weíll keep your de­tails pri­vate ñ we wonít share them). Even if you donít know what type of smart­phone you have, the in­for­ma­tion pack will show you how to tell. Best or­der your free info pack now and soon you could be get­ting so much more from your phone ñ with much less has­sle.

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