The mo­bile phone ser­vice de­signed to make your life sim­ple

Mo­bile phones have got too com­pli­cated, but Fuss Free Phones is the an­ti­dote – a sim­ple phone and ser­vice with some­one to help you use it!

YOURS (UK) - - Yours Telephone Service -

With a Fuss Free Phone, sim­ply press the but­ton on the back and you’ll be con­nected to one of our friendly, UK-based tele­phon­ists. Ask for the per­son you want to speak to by name and the tele­phon­ist will put you through. They can also type out text mes­sages, read any replies and will look things up for you on the in­ter­net.

Monthly pre-pay, no obli­ga­tion

Pay just £20 a month for 600 min­utes of call­ing and un­lim­ited texts. If you ex­ceed this, we’ll call you first and you won’t get cut off. Our tele­phon­ists will ad­vise you of any ad­di­tional charges be­fore con­nect­ing you or be­fore you choose to buy more min­utes.

Easy to use phones

Fuss Free Phones uses the TTFone 750 with a bright screen, loud ringer, clear sound, and easy-to-use, well-spaced but­tons, sup­plied with a desk­top charger and the Fuss Free Phones but­ton on the back.

How it works

We will send you a TTFone 750 phone and a blank Trusted Callers List. Sim­ply add the names and num­bers of the peo­ple you want to call and send the list to us in the sup­plied freepost en­ve­lope. If you want to add any more, press the but­ton on the back of the phone to speak to a tele­phon­ist and ask to have them added to your list.

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