We know you’ll have made these as a child, but if your me­mory needs jog­ging here’s how to make a pom-pom us­ing card­board…

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1 Place a mug or jar on card­board and cut out two cir­cles. 2 Us­ing a smaller cir­cu­lar ob­ject po­si­tion in the cen­tre of the larger card cir­cles, draw around with your pen­cil, and cut out. 3 Place the card­board cir­cles to­gether and wind your wool around the edge. Con­tinue to wind the wool around the card­board cir­cles un­til it is well cov­ered. 4 Us­ing scis­sors, care­fully snip the wound wool be­tween the two card­board cir­cles and con­tinue all the way around un­til all the wool has been cut. 5 Thread a length of wool be­tween the two cir­cles of card­board, then tie a tight knot to se­cure them. 6 Re­move the card from your pom-pom by us­ing your scis­sors to snip into the card. 7 Fin­ish by giv­ing your pom-poms a trim with scis­sors to make them tidy and smooth.

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