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YOURS (UK) - - Get In Touch - Josie Drury, Flintshire

I love this photo of my grand­chil­dren Laura and David – who are grown up now – taken at har­vest time in our gar­den. The large pump­kins were grown by their late grand­dad Roy, who was a keen gar­dener.

Mrs Hous­ley, Isle of Man

My eight-year-old grand­daugh­ter Har­riet wouldn’t eat all her din­ner up so l said, “No pud­ding for you then”. As quick as a flash she an­swered me with this ex­pla­na­tion, “Nana, my tummy is in two halves. This half (point­ing to her left side) is my din­ner side, and that’s full up, my right side is my pud­ding side and that’s empty.” How could I ar­gue with that?

Jenny Dou­ble­day, West Sus­sex

I took my three-year-old nephew to church for the first time with my fam­ily. He waited im­pa­tiently for the ser­vice to start. Even­tu­ally he turned to me and said “Aun­tie, when is God go­ing to get here?”

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