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“Eat as many dif­fer­ent colours as you can each day to keep you brain in great shape,” says nu­tri­tion­ist Cas­san­dra Burns. Here are some of Cas­san­dra's mem­ory-friendly favourites.


Sal­mon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, a well-known brain booster, but its pink colour gives it an added ad­van­tage. The colour comes from as­tax­an­thin, a carotenoid that’s pro­duced by mi­croal­gae and works its way up the food chain into sal­mon. Re­search has found that get­ting plenty of as­tax­an­thin could im­prove cog­ni­tive func­tion.


Yel­low foods such as egg yolks and sweet­corn are rich in lutein. While lutein is most fa­mous for its eye health ben­e­fits, it’s also stored in our brain and is thought to have a pro­tec­tive ef­fect.


Blue­ber­ries are rich in polyphe­nols that give them their blue colour, and these are thought to be par­tic­u­larly good for your brain, with one study sug­gest­ing they might de­lay brain age­ing by two-and-a-half years.


Dark green veg­eta­bles such as kale and spinach are good sources of mag­ne­sium and cal­cium. These min­er­als are vi­tal for trans­mit­ting nerve im­pulses, al­low­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween your brain and your body.

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