Economy of Ukraine (Russian) - - Contents - S.А.KORABLIN, Doctor of Econ. Sci., Deputy Director, Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine (Kiеv)

– The Washington Consensus: then and now

Principles of the “first generation reforms” and “second generation reforms”, recommended by international organizations to countries that apply to them for financial support, are analyzed. The critique of these recommendations in the framework of the Washington consensus is considered. The specific features of small, commodity economies, linked to global cycles of raw material conjuncture, are shown. It is emphasized that national finance of such economies is critically dependent on the phases of the global market conjuncture, however this crucial dependence is laying beyond the Washington consensus postulates. It is concluded that reducing the commodity dependence and respective vulnerability of small open economies requires their technological development and industrial modernization. Keywords: the Washington consensus; “first generation reforms”; “second generation reforms”; small, commodity economy; commodity conjuncture; technological development; modernization of the economy.

В со­от­вет­ствии с це­лью ста­тьи , рас­смат­ри­ва­ют­ся клю­че­вые прин­ци­пы эко­но ми­че­ской по­ли­ти­ки, ре­ко­мен­ду­е­мой меж­ду­на­род­ны­ми ор­га­ни­за­ци­я­ми стра­нам, об­ра­ща­ю­щим­ся к ним за фи­нан­со­вой по­мо­щью; рас­кры­ты от­дель­ные недо­стат­ки ука­зан­ных ре­ко­мен­да­ций; при­ве­ден их ана­лиз в при­вяз­ке к опы­ту Укра­и­ны; пред ло­же­ны кон­цеп­ту­аль­ные под­хо­ды к ре­фор­ми­ро­ва­нию ма­лых, сы­рье­вых эко­но­мик.

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