Economy of Ukraine (Russian) - - Contents - HUANG XIAOYONG, President of the High School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Director of the Center for International Energy Security Studies, CASS (Beijing)

– Path exploration for advanсing the Gasyuan Strategy

From a politico economic perspective, this paper makes in depth analyses of the market impetus and political logic for the formation of gasyuan, believing the market driver of gasyuan lies in supply demand imbalances of natural gas and the concentration of comparative advantages for its formation, while the main political logic lies in the fact that natural gas, as a determinant of the energy era of gas, bears both financial and power attributes. Based on such basic conditions, this paper, through analyzing the feasibility of the Gasyuan Strategy, the concrete measures needed to be taken in this process as well as the challenges and opportunities it may encounter, aims to make explorations for an effective path for the advancement of the Gasyuan Strategy. Keywords: gasyuan, petrodollar, internationalization of renminbi, energy transformation.

Воз­ник­но­ве­ние га­зю­а­ня

В свя­зи с транс­фор­ма­ци­ей гло­баль­ной энер­гии в чи­стую, с от­кры­ти­ем круп ных за­па­сов при­род­но­го га­за и уве­ли­че­ни­ем его по­ста­вок до­ля при­род­но­го га­за в ми­ро­вом по­треб­ле­нии энер­гии будет рас­ти. Меж­ду­на­род­ное энер­ге­ти­че­ское агент ство (МЭА) в “Об­зо­ре ми­ро­вой энер­ге­ти­ки 2016” от­ме­ти­ло, что из за по­сте­пен­ной

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